Portfolio treats writing as a craft, bringing you experience of writing in award-winning plain English and helping you get your message across accurately and clearly.


Portfolio can help you get straight to the point
Many people will gain their first impressions of an organisation from reading one of its publications. The written word is a very powerful way of getting its messages across.


We treat writing as a craft in itself
We can help you get your message across accurately and clearly. We bring experience of writing for charities and not-for-profit organisations in award-winning plain English. We work hard to make sure that words are straightforward and free of gobbledygook, and we turn jargon into plain words and explain complex ideas in everyday terms.


Getting it right
As well as copy-writing, we offer editing and proof-reading services to ensure that your publication is understandable and accurate, and has a consistent and appropriate ‘tone’. We will work to your organisation’s written style guide or we will help you to develop one.

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